SOLA - Cutlery creator since 1866

Sola Switzerland AG has its roots as a creator and a manufacturer of the finest cutlery since 1866. For five generations, our cutlery has been created by the purest Swiss touch and know-how and remains until today fully in line with the quality, professionalism and service spirit of the founders of our company. From a local factory in central Europe, our company became within 150 years a referent Swiss manufacturer of cutleries and table serving tools on the world marked.

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‘Minoyaki', a type of Japanese pottery, finds its origins in the Gifu prefecture located on the central island of Honshu, Japan. An abundance of clay - the raw material for pottery - is found in the region, giving rise to a centuries-old tradition. This region still produces ceramics made by local craftsmen whose experience and skill pay homage to its predecessors while a contemporary design approach takes this form of art to new heights. Encouraged by our unwavering interest in the tableware of this region over the last thirty years, we have developed a collaborative effort between the craftspeople of the area and Made in Japan tableware. This has been an enduring conversation of beauty, design and quality celebrating food...

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